Adding notifications when you start recording in OBS Studio


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My idea is, whenever you usually record on obs right now, it doesnt show any notification if its recording right? If you want to see if it is recording, you've gotta check your taskbar to see if it has the red dot on the logo. Now all im saying is is that i accidentally record sometimes and i would love it if you add notifications when you start recording and when the recording stopped.

Just a suggestion, nothing special.


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how do i set it up? it's kinda complicated for me
In short, you just need to install the obs-websocket plugin and download OBS Notifier.

And here is a more detailed guide:
1. Download and install obs-websocket from the links at the bottom of this page:

2. Enter a new password for the websocket server

3. Download and unpack OBS Notifier: or
4. Run OBS Notifier (you may need to unlock the file, but this is usually not required)

5. In OBS Notifier, enter the previously specified password and click Connect

That's all you need for almost all available notifications to work.

To show notifications about saving replays, you need to copy and replace obs-websocket.dll from the custom_libs folder to the /obs-plugins/64bit/ folder where obs is installed.


Now you will be able to see notifications about saving replays