zoom virtualcam

  1. Muneeb Hassan

    OBS and ZOOM screen share with virtual camera

    I want to share my screen as an obs virtual camera. In scene, I want to add sources of ppt slides, zoom participant as a guest, and my webcam. But to add guest in the source I added window capture of zoom meeting with grid view, but when I share my virtual camera as the screen the window capture...
  2. R

    VirtualCam not showing up in zoom

    I hit start for the virtualcam, but the camera is not showing up as an option in Zoom for a camera.
  3. B

    Question / Help How to "export" Audi to Zoom

    Hey everybody, I use VirtualCam to bring my Video from OBS to Zoom Meeting. The only problem is, that there is a delay of the video compared to audio in Zoom right now. The problem is, that my microphone is direktly connected to Zoom and the Video comes from VirtualCam/ OBS which causes the...