wont capture game

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    Problem option capture game

    I have had problems with the capture game option in obs, as the screen looks black. I have tried to put the obs in administrator, but it has not worked either. To complete and that you can help me more in depth in my problem tell you that the full screen capture function if it works in a good...
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    Question / Help Green and purple pixels. Help!!

    OBS records and streams this on my Mac. It’s green and purple pixels. Also in the preview for my display capture it’s completely black. Help please!!!
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    Question / Help Cant capture certain games

    ok so i havent had much issues with obs until the other day. i got a new game and thought it would be fun to stream it. the game is mystery case files: ravenhearst. before getting this game, i streamed minecraft and stardew valley with no issues. i booted up the game, put it into windows mode...