windos 10

  1. G

    Starting automatically virtual cam by modifying the obs64.exe file in the source folder

    Hello everyone, I'm starting OBS automatically by using the software System Scheduler; this software requires as input the obs64.exe file in the source folder, not a shortcut of OBS. I know that, by typing --startvirtualcam after the last double quotes in the target box inside the properties of...
  2. W

    Black Screen

    Just installed OBS, watched a video on how to record my screen, I select display capture and for no reason whatsoever instead of doing its job OBS records a black screen. I then watched another video on how to fix the issue, running it as an administrator, graphics settings, etc... absolutely no...
  3. ShinrxKawaii

    Obs crashes everytime i want to use video capture device

    Basically is the Title my Problem. I want to use my Web cam in Obs but everytime i want to paste a the video capture device szene in and want to edit it it crashes.
  4. NakoTeru

    insane FPS drop when tabbed out

    no matter what game i stream or record on my computer my OBS drops frames like crazy when ever i tab out the software i woud be thankfull for any help i get here is my log: cpu:intel i5-9500 ram:16gb gpu: NVIDIA GeForceGTX:1660
  5. M

    OBS not working properly need a fix

    OBS keeps playing up when I record once or stream once I cannot record again or stream I have to close it and when I exit or close it OBS it doesn't Close properly I have to keep Force closing and I cannot exit it in hidden icons in the corner of my window I have to go to Task Manager to force...
  6. J

    Intel realsense sr300 not working///Heeelp!!

    hi i have a realsense sr300 built into a Lenovo x24pro monitor and a tower with an I5-8400 with WIN10. the fact is that from the beginning it does not recognize the camera, the speakers and microphone do work, but after a few days and having the need to use a camera, buy a cheap one and...
  7. C

    PTZ Optics Camera Freezing

    I have a PTZ Optics 12x camera hooked up to obs through my network. It works great, until I want to switch scenes. If I try to switch a scene the camera freezes and I have to close out of obs to get it working again. Does anyone know why this is happening/how I can fix it?
  8. C

    obs closing immediately after opening it (and no appdata/roaming/obs-studio folder)

    I just downloaded obs and tried launching it and it doesnt open. I checked task manager details tab and obs64.exe appears for a sec and closes. I checked the forums and stuff people said to change something in the appdata/roaming/obs-studio folder, but it wasnt even there. Thought it was cause...
  9. H

    Voice echoing and repeating multiple times when streaming

    My set up: I stream PS4 through remote play > OBS. I have a headset with mic connected to the PS4 controller. When streaming I have the game sound go through perfectly however my voice echoes/repeats multiple times. If I say something, it is repeated 4-5 times. I am not using any capture cards...
  10. A

    F1 game capture black screen

    Hi, I have a problem I am trying to make F1 2020 videos, but when I try to game capture f1 it is not working it is black screen, but to other games the game capture works. Any help?
  11. H

    No puedo descargar el OBS en mi pc Windows 10

    No puedo descargar el OBS en mi pc Windows 10
  12. A

    Obs studio NO reconoce mi GTX 1660 super, no esta la opcion de NVENC H 2.64

    No se porque obs no reconoce mi placa de video GTX 1660 super, tengo todos los drivers actualizados pero sigue sin aparecer la opcion NVENC H 2.64, solo esta la x264. ayuida no se que mas hacer.