1. D

    BSOD using Dazzle DVC100

    Hello, I've been using OBS Studio for a while and I often have problems with BSOD, which only happen if the program is open without recording or if the content received from the capture card is down. For example, I cannot leave OBS recording the contents of a VHS tape and leave the computer...
  2. P

    bitrate drop to 0

    hello, when i try to stream my live after 20 minutes my bitrate drop to 0 and obs stop working
  3. DivadoDev

    Obs screen record has low quality no matter what I try.

    I'm a game developer who's new to OBS and has been trying to screen record for dev logs. Unfortunately, the recorded videos always seem to be a little blurry and hard to look at (images are attached below) I've tried following numerous videos on the problem and tested solutions proposed in...
  4. W

    OBS lagging entire computer.

    OBS (even without streaming/recording) is slowing down my computer an ungodly amount, Before I could run my vtube studio smoothly at 60fps with no problems, and now it can barely keep up with 25fps. I can't open most things in fear my stream will crash, even for something as small as the...