1. robotrobik

    Free Overstream.Studio | Animated widgets for sport streams

    Overstream Studio is a desktop application that allows you to place additional animated widgets on top of your stream, such as a ticker, participant information, teamplay score, current time, starting list table, animated logos. Every streaming software that supports browsers can use the...
  2. Ender of Games

    Make a "widget" full vertical

    Crude drawing to match my problem. If there is a way to make this widget full height, while having the other previews remain ~half, it'd be godsend to my setup. So much horizontal space is wasted, but the twitch chat and twitch stream information barely work at their heights. I didn't put this...
  3. darkasphalt

    StreamLabs widgets freezing

    I am using StreamLabs OBS 0.26.0 on Windows 10. I have very basic widgets set up: chatbox animated alert on follow My widgets freeze over time while streaming. It happens at random times during the stream and, once frozen, will not unfreeze until I end my stream and restart it. I have...
  4. P


    Are there widgets in OBS studio? I really don't want to log into SLOBS and be pasting URLs from there. Surely there must be a way to add widgets directly between OBS and the Streaming Platform!
  5. Stromno

    Non-Free Stromno - Heart Rate Streaming app for Apple Watch 1.0.0

    Stromno is a service to easily add your heart rate on screen while streaming to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook. Use your Apple Watch to read heart rate data and customise widget in personal Dashboard. You can get overlay URL on the website and use it in OBS (Streamlabs OBS, Twitch Studio, XSplit).
  6. G

    I can't add a widget in my OBS. When I click on 'Add', there's no option to add a widget.

    It's allows me to add, e.g., an image and various other things, but there's no option to add a widget. Is that because I use Linux? I read somewhere that I need to sign in in order to add widgets, but I can't find anywhere there to sign in. I'm sorry that I can't send you a screenshot. When I...
  7. L

    Question / Help Scrolling Twitch donation bar?

    How can i add a Scrolling bar showing peoples donations? It's something ive seen on other peoples streams and thought it'd be pretty nifty to add to my own. heres what im talking about: