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    Make ppt presentation using a digital board on OBS

    Hello everybody! Could I record my classes using powerpoint presentation and a Wacom graphics tablet together? How do I do that? I'm a teacher and I need to learn how to use this feature. Thank youvery much.
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    Question / Help mouse cursor not following drawing while recording

    I'm looking to record my screen while i sketch using a wacom tablet. but after i view my recording the cursor is not following the sketch until i lift my pen. the problem does not occur if i switch off windows ink but then the sketch is not as smooth as it was with windows ink turned on...
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    Question / Help OBS Studio Freezing Wacom Graphics Monitor!?

    I'm running Windows 10 (creative update) on a custom Asus build. I'm an illustrator working full-time. Recently, over the past 8 or so months give or take, every time I begin to stream or record with OBS Studio my pen loses connection with my screen. My Wacom Cintiq freezes, as if OBS messes...