volume bug

  1. P

    Audio problem: weird echo sound

    I'm using OBS since 6 months with my Boya BY-M1 without any problem! Suddently, since a few days, my audio got worse: volume goes down and an odd echo appear! I didn't change anything before this problem happens. I made some basic check: - all devices are muted in OBS Mixer Audio, except...
  2. LeMuffinGamer

    RNNoise and volume problems (Help Me ASAP)

    Hello I know my exact problem now, whenever I use RNNoise for noise suppression it cuts out all high pitch noises, so if I play a horror game and I scream the scream gets cut out, but that doesn't make any sense because im playing a horror game. I'm able to yell but not scream. RNNoise cuts out...
  3. K

    Question / Help OBS makes computer quiet without lowering mixer volumes

    When OBS runs on my computer, all system sounds become much quieter. Other sounds (e.g. apps, games) stay the same. I have found forum threads where this was due to OBS lowering system / mixer volumes - however, in my case, the mixer value for system sounds stays the same, but they actually...