1. N

    Continuing problems with VMWARE and OBS STUDIO 29.0.2 cut screen while recording and full screen

    Hi, I keep reporting the problem with OBS STUDIO 29.0.2 despite the updates the problem with VMWARE is still not solved, if I use "VMWARE" emulating Windows 10 or 11 with full screen and activate recording on Obs studio and configure it in window capture section with the capture method (Windows...
  2. G

    Trying to record a virtual machine on VMware.

    Hello, today i'm trying to record a virtual machine, but when i try it, the virtual machine loks weird. Someone can help?
  3. N

    OBS Studio 28.1.2 Problem with recording software VMWARE

    Guys I can't find a solution to the problem with OBS Studio 28.1.2 I insert from the "sources" column then I choose "capture screen" and I select "selection method" "Windows 10 (1903 or higher)" why when I register with VMWARE with the Windows emulator I put it in full screen it cuts the margin...
  4. N

    OBS 28.0.3 Problem Windows capture

    Hi, I have a problem with OBS 28.0.3 if I use VMware Workstation in full screen I cut it and I have to intervene via a double screen and change the margins, this did not happen on version 27, do you have any ideas? thank you
  5. Cybert_be

    OBS restreamer virtual DJ and restream.io

    Hi all, I have a dedicated music pc (imac) where I have virtualDJ installed with all my music. VirtualDJ sents out an rtmp stream, and at the moment I stream it to restream.io and so on my channels (youtube, facebook and twitch). Now I want to improve my twitch channel with streamelements...
  6. S

    Bug Report OBS 21.1 I beam pointer dissapears inside VmWare virtual computer...

    Hy to all. My first time here =). Okey, OBS is recording all great, but when recording VmWare virtual Windows, only I Beam pointer disappears (Word, Wordpad, Sticky notes, ...), everything else appears as it should. I will try earlier version of OBS if fixes this. Any solution?