vlc issues

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    m3u8 livestream loses audio when source changes

    [Click for Log File] Hey everyone! I am attempting to record a m3u8 stream as part of an archival project. I have added it as a VLC source with the following settings: Whenever I record the stream (an IPTV link), everything works fine. Whenever the source 'switches,' (i.e. the stream goes to...
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    Issue with vlc video source: muting sound at the end of each video

    I recognized a playback issue with sound in video files played back with VLC video source. When playing back a video, the last 1-2 seconds, are muted. This is the case with every video played. Most of the files are mp4 with H.264 and aac audio. The playlist is a local directory with shuffle...
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    VLC Playlist Shuffle

    When using the VLC program, if you make a playlist and choose, "Repeat" + "Shuffle", it plays the video once and reshuffles before playing again. Why does OBS only shuffle once and then repeats the playlist in that order every time?
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    Using VLC plugin cuts audio

    I use the VLC plugin to shuffle clips for my starting screen, however it's cutting the first and last second (ish) of audio off every clip. Any ideas on a fix for this? It's very frustrating! Happy to post specs, info, anything that might help. Cheers!
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    VLC Video Source - Specify Language Track?

    Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1, OS build 19043.1415 OBS Studio 27.1.3 (64 bit) VLC Media Player 3.0.16 (64 bit) I am playing a movie with VLC Video Source. How do I specify language audio track 3 for English? Thanks in advance.
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    VLC audio looping even though "loop" is unchecked?

    Hey there, title is self explanatory - I have a VLC playlist of 2-3 songs I play when I start broadcasting. "Loop" is unchecked, but the audio is still looping. Help?
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    flv file not working after crashing

    so i was recording and then my laptop crashes, the recording is there in the files but it is not working in vlc. https://obsproject.com/logs/KVHdBS6IHjf_1nta
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    Question / Help VLC Source Freezing in OBS

    Hello, I could really use some help troubleshooting the VLC source in OBS. I'm looping a YouTube playlist via a VLC network stream. After about an hour the stream freezes and requires me to remove the VLC source to kick back on. I've been playing around with the settings in VLC (v 3.0.2 64bit)...
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    Question / Help Need Help

    VLC Won't Play In OBS Software but the Videos Play In VLC! Windows "10" KEEP THINGS SIMPLE