video stutter

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    My Recording Video Stuttered. (Need help ASAP)

    So I used the color format of i444 because of i420 and nv12 colors are bad especially when it comes to RED color it's kinda blurry. But somehow it's stuttering, I need help on fixing the problem since I spent a lot on upgrading my PC to record beautifully on 1440p with the sharpest quality The...
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    Question / Help Lagging Video Stream

    Thanks so much for looking at this newbie's issue. I just figured out how to stream in 1080p, but now the video is super lagged. I'm not trying to stream a game, just stream video from my webcam. The only other thing I have open when I'm streaming is a couple of browser tabs. I've added log...
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    Question / Help Stuttering Recorded Video

    Hi, I am having some stuttering issues on recording game play. I'm not having any lag or fps drop in game. In order to reduce shuttering, I have to turn on VSync. In Nvidia's Shadowplay I'm not having any issues. I've tried changing every settings possible..But no luck. Please Help... Log file
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    Question / Help Recording stuttering

    Hello I have a issue with recording. When im done with recording and check the video its stutters like the fps of the video changes randomly and i also put in an editing software just to check and still the same stutter but sound is fine just the video part. 17:43:29.638: CPU Name: AMD...
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    Question / Help OBS Elgato Video Stutter

    Hello, For some reason, I'm having difficulties stopping the Elgato video playback from being so stuttery. The game runs fine on screen and I have sorted the audio desync. The Elgato is set to output in 720p along with OBS so the resolutions match as I have heard this can cause it. However...