video audio delay

  1. Zidane5928

    Audio Delay

    So if I want to watch a move with friends via twitch, there is a audio and video delay ik that the stream delay cannot be removed but can I delay my video and audio (sync audio and video with stream)
  2. E

    Question / Help Lag while using DroidCam & USB Mixer

    Recently, I have experienced an issue where I find a lag in the video coming from my DroidCam source (using usb) and using my audio mixer (Yamaha MG10XU through usb). prior to this I had no lag while using DroidCam and the built in microphone (of my phone through DroidCam). But since the last...
  3. T

    Question / Help Video and audio both delay and not consistant

    Example, Video delay about 20 second while audio delay about 30 second. I did try 2 methods as photo attached. The result as what i mentioned. May i know what others thing i can do? Thanks