1. niels.mp3

    VHS camcorder displays 60fps, but OBS caps at 30FPS

    I recently got my VHS camcorder working with OBS using a converter (AV TO USB2.0), connected via USB to my laptop. Connected to the converter is a S-VIDEO cable, hooked up to the camcorder. When playing back recorded footage on my camcorder, the frames are smooth and looks like it's around...
  2. O

    Setting OBS for VHS capture

    I would like to know how to correctly set OBS to record on my MAC a VHS read in a VCR, the signal comes out through its rear HDMI socket which is connected to a RYBOZEN capture box and the RYBOZEN is connected in USB 3 to my MAC and I I am using OBS latest version but I don't know how best to...
  3. S

    Digitalizing VHS

    Everything has gone smoothly with the process. I can hear the VHS, I can see it. The only problem is when I go to my recordings and watch the video, there is no sound.
  4. L

    VHS recorded signal occasionally purple-tinted

    So i'm trying to digitize my old VHS tapes (encoded SÉCAM) with un Elgato Video Capture device through OBS Studio on Ubuntu 20.04. As said in the title I'have a colour issue: Coulours switch between correct VHS-tape original colours and a purple-tinted version of them. correct colours...