1. wordlesswind

    About CS:GO Trusted Mode

    After July 23rd, CS:GO updated a feature called "trust mode". In the official document, they stated: So does OBS Project team plan to solve this problem? without "-allow_third_party_software". I am worried that one day Valve will remove "-allow_third_party_software". And I mistakenly...
  2. S

    Is it possible to combine the two cameras from the Valve Index camera feed into one 16:9 camera for OBS?

    Hello, I recently got a new Valve Index, and I wanted to see if it was possible to combine the two cameras of the index into one 16:9 camera? The feed of the webcam for the index looks like this: I want it to look more like a normal webcam (16:9/4:3, not fisheyed) Is this possible through OBS...