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    Need some help with browser source issues

    Hi, I hope someone can help me out with this problem. I'm helping a friend set up a stream for YouTube where he wants to stream external camera sources. We've set up YT and OBS all ok, but the issue is the cam sources either not staying open or just constantly loading depending on how I try it...
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    Duda con url

    TTengo una URL con clave, y agrego como navegador en obs, como hago para escribir mi usuario y contraseña en obs, ya lo hice por fuera colocándolo en el url del navegador y con el vídeo abierto, pero por seguridad me pide la clave de igual manera en obs y no sé cómo escribir, claro si yo capturó...
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    Bonjour, je me demandais comment utiliser le script: url.text.py. Je sais qu'il faut installer python 3.6.8 mais, je ne sais pas où. Je me demande également si j'ai besoin des droits d'administrateur pour pouvoir installer python. Merci de me répondre ;)
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    Question / Help Black screen after random time recording from a URL source.

    Basically I started using OBS to create primitive CCTV - I'm streaming a video from phone using IP webcam and recording it with OBS (source - browser and url address) Buuut sometimes, at various periods of time (twice it was ~20 minutes, once 1,5h.) from start of recording the screen goes black...