1. Frz

    Website's localizations are outdated

    When you scroll down the obs hompage and select a language, zh-CN or ko for example, some of the strings are still displayed in English although they were translated on Crowdin 3 years ago, and others are apparently incorrect translations, which were already replaced by better translations on...
  2. TomBoop

    OBS Python Text Source Translation 0.2

    Use cloud translation over python to translate a Text(GDI+) source. If you combine with the excellent Cloud Captioning plugin you can create open captions in a different language for your stream. Design your captions anyway you want! Settings: - Source Text(GDI+) : The text source to translate...
  3. P

    Audio interruption when recording screen

    Hello! Please help with the problem. When adding source "window rec" or "game rec" everything works fine. But as soon as I add a screen recording source, the audio on the broadcast starts to break. Everything works fine on the record. This issue occurs both when using standard Windows speakers...