1. YuaBeVibin

    Lost all GDI+ on scene collection via transfer to OBS on Mac (Mac OS El Capitan)

    I've lost all my text upon transferring scene collection to my iMac (from a Windows 10 machine), I didn't realise the Mac version only supports FreeType 2. There's also fundamental features that are only on GDI+ that I need. What's the fastest way to convert my text to FreeType or a compatible...
  2. sandrix

    Bug Report look-ahead is not a correct translation in obs in Russian

    Good afternoon, an incorrect translation of look-ahead has been indicated for a long time in the option tooltip. The program states that look-ahead increases visual quality by using any number of b-frames, up to the maximum. look-ahead, on the contrary, reduces the number of b-frames, down to 0...
  3. J

    Question / Help OBS lag after 1 VHS transfer

    Hello everyone, i'm new to the forum and been using OBS since yesterday. I'm in the process of transferring VHS tapes with a video grabber, and i started yesterday with my first tape, this went fine with no trouble, now after this OBS Started ''stuttering/lagging'' in my second video recording...