1. touch_portal

    Use CHANNEL POINTS To Control OBS with Touch Portal!

    Control OBS with Twitch channel points, chat messages, subscribers and bits with Touch Portal.
  2. touch_portal

    How-To Setup Touch Portal w/ OBS for Twitch Streaming !! DUAL Streaming Setup

    This video shows the setup process for Touch Portal & OBS for Twitch Live Streaming. It also covers Dual PC Streaming Setup as well for those of you streaming with Two PC's. Touch Portal: Websocket Plugin:
  3. S

    Question / Help OBS Studio Touchportal crash on Studio selection

    Hello everyone, I am using OBS(64-Bit) with the Touchportal app/program. Whenever I tap on the preset obs studio mode Button in the touchportal app my entire OBS crashes. If I manually activate it in OBS it works without crashing. Errorlog is here: I would be...