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    Can't create a broadcast using a thumbnail

    I am having an issue where when I try to create a broadcast using a thumbnail, it fails to start giving an "create broadcast error." I can start a broadcast if I don't use a thumbnail. I used to be able to do it just fine. However is just suddenly stopped working properly. I've tried restarting...
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    "Go Live" Plugin for OBS

    Hi There! Im in the process of making the move to OBS from Streamlabs, and I was just wondering if there was a plugin for OBS that had a similar or near identical function of Streamlabs' "go live" feature, where you can setup the stream title, description, and thumbnail in the actual app (I...
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    Question / Help Thumbnail of obs videos not showing thumbnails in the windows file explorer

    Hello, The thumbnails of my files that I recorded with OBS are not showing in the windows file explorer. first they did but a couple days ago the didn't appear anymore. Does someone know why this occurs? and what can I do about it. In case you can do anything with the log file, I included it...