1. dsp-stanky

    Questions and Sanity check on textures for video filter plugin dev

    For some background context, I decided to learn how to make a video filter plugin to dip my toes into graphics programming, so i'm pretty new to these concepts, and I apologize if these questions end up being dumb: Currently, i'm trying to create a pixel art video filter as a native OBS plugin...
  2. R

    Is it possible to sample 16bit colour values with textureSampler ?

    I am writing a filter with OBS-Shaderfilter to remap an image/video. The filter creates its output by sampling a texture image and uses Red/Green values as new co-ordinates to sample the input). I've seen this called UV mapping or ST mapping. It works OK with an 8 bit RG texture image, but...
  3. C

    AMD GPU Hardware Encoder 0.1.0

    OBS ships with an existing AMD GPU encoder which is sadly outdated and unmaintained. This plugin is a rewrite of the original fixing several bugs in the process. As an additional feature it supports texture based encoding which makes GPU encoding even less CPU intensive. In it's current state...
  4. N

    OBS Crashes after a few hours of streaming

    Hey friends! Lately, I've been streaming and after a few hours, stream crashes. I was hoping based on my log files someone could help me troubleshoot the issue. When the crash happens, it says something along the lines of "texture not loading" I've included my latest crash and log files...