system memory

  1. BoopGirl

    OBS log reports incorrect memory size

    OBS is reporting an incorrect value for my memory it should be 96GB not 98GB is there a way to correct this? 21:23:10.438: CPU Name: Apple M2 Max 21:23:10.438: Physical Cores: 12, Logical Cores: 12 21:23:10.438: Physical Memory: 98304MB Total 21:23:10.438: OS Name: macOS 21:23:10.438: OS...
  2. brotherelric

    OBS using to much memory

    I don't know why, but when OBS studio uses more than 30% of PC memory when I'm streaming and having chrome tabs the PC lags a lot.
  3. S

    Question / Help OBS running out of application memory, after 2 years of no problems?

    macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6 iMac 27" Mid 2011 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB Been streaming on Twitch with OBS the past 2 years with almost no problems whatsoever until the past week or so. Normally while streaming I have the following apps open: - OBS -...