1. O

    Can I run Syphon twice simultaneously?

    Is there a way I can run Syphon twice at the same time? Basically, what I'm trying to do: Take video from Zoom, real time manipulate it, and send it back into Zoom. I have the relevant video pinned in Zoom, am using NDIScanConverter/NDIVirtualInput/NDISyphon to pipe that video into QLab, where...
  2. Bombastic

    Question / Help How to only stream a certain application? + Syphon not working?

    So I only want to capture the display from my game, so that I'm free to switch from the game to OBS, or whatever else I have running in the back. The thing is, Syphon isn't working. When I try to add a Syphon source, it doesn't let me click on SyphonInject, even when I run my game in OpenGL. The...
  3. G

    Question / Help So syphoninject is not working

    So I'm trying to record tf2 but every time I try to inject tf2 it fails and shows the source choice blank, tf2 is running OpenGL but it still does not work, also I run on mac if that helps.
  4. C

    Question / Help OBS only showing part of the game in game capture syphon

    i can't figure out why i can't display the full dimensions of the game im playing weather its in full screen or windowed mode when using the game capture feature in OBS.