streaming on ps5 issues

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    (PS5 via Avermedia LGX2) Dropped Frames in Recording that do not show up in Statistics

    Setup (Details in screenshots at the end) * Core i5 8600K @4.3Ghz * 32GB RAM @4GHz * RTX 3060 * 960gb Samsung Evo Nvme M.2 * Primary Monitor: LG 2560x1080 144Hz * Secondary Monitor: Iiyama 1080x1920 (portrait) 60Hz * PS5 * Avermedia LGX2 * OBS 27.1.3 64bit (newest stable as time of release) *...
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    Frame Rate Drops Horrifically Only When Streaming Warzone (Playing On PS5 Using Elgato HD60S+)

    Hi guys and girls, so I stream quite a bit on my PS5 using the Elgato HD60s+ capture card. All of my streams have been absolutely perfect but whenever I stream Warzone my viewers get a really choppy version of what I'm playing. It's fine on my screen, but when it runs through OBS it looks...