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    Mic audio quality loss when i conect my logitech streamcam

    So as the title says, im losing quality of mic audio. i tried different usb ports and different adaptors for the cam but the problem still exist. this never happened before, i didnt use the camera or the mic for a few months and i dont want to think that they broke so if you have any solution i...
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    Webcam keeps lagging and getting delayed

    Hey! I have some troubles with my webcam, so I'm gonna try and explain it as good as I can. :) Okay so I'm using a Logitech StreamCam as webcam for my streams. Whenever I play heavier/bigger games the webcam starts getting delayed inside OBS. Sometimes it even starts disconnecting, like, you...
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    Logitech StreamCam 60 FPS Solution for OBS in Linux

    Just bought the StreamCam and was wondering why it couldnt run with 60 FPS in OBS. Probably some others have the same issue. A simple solution is to create a new video device with V42L (v4l2loopback) and a ffmpeg stream from the Webcam. first create a loopback video device sudo modprobe...