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  1. G

    Frame dropping with stable ISP

    Hi! First of all, I'd like to say that I took a look at the section about "Dropped Frames And General Connection Issues", tried everything there and nothing worked. I have been having this problem with dropped frames and it happens randomly, sometimes a couple of minutes after start streaming...
  2. J

    Stream keeps stopping or showing I'm offline

    Streaming from OBS and my stream will sometimes show offline but on my side it shows I'm live. Sometimes my stream will show a little yellow box in the bottom right where all the stats are. I also will know the issue is happening when I try to end the stream and I can't unless I kill obs in task...
  3. S

    RTMPSockBuf_Fill, remote host closed connection

    Hi, Been running into this error after updating my obs to latest version. The stream gets disconnected in between and i have to generate a new stream key to resume the stream leading to so many interruptions. I've attached the log file. If anyone could let me know if this is some error because...
  4. pinedajuan92

    OBS Youtube streaming stops after an hour of transmission

    My Youtube streaming stops after an hour of transimission. I checked the logs and found this: 17:00:23.244: [ffmpeg muxer: 'simple_stream'] os_process_pipe_write for packet data failed 17:00:23.287: [ffmpeg muxer: 'simple_stream'] Output of file...
  5. Z

    My stream stops at a certain time (when I have been streaming for 1 hour more or less)

    Hi! I am Zavo, and recently I have had some issues with my stream. I don't know if it is because of OBS or if it is because of Twitch. The issue is that when I stream exactly 1 hour (59:30 mins more or less), OBS just stops streaming and I have to reopen the program in order to reconnect. If you...
  6. V

    OBS Stream suddenlly ends and drops to 0 kb/s

    I've been using obs back in December and was streaming for almost 7 hours on 6000 kb/s with 1920x1080 as my settings and was able to stream properly until January 1 this year. I briefly didn't stream for a week and a half and then when I started streaming again, now my stream keeps stopping 5-10...
  7. R

    OBS Stops working My stream goes offline and you can't stop the Stream from OBS

    When I stream after 2 hours my stream stops and my viewers are the ones noticing the issue first, then my FPS = 0 and my OBS says my stream is up and running, I have to terminate the process through the task manager because the app stops responding. I check my stream with the Twitch bandwidth...
  8. E

    Question / Help Stream stopping unexpectedly

    While im streaming on facebook, the stream always stops after 30-40 mins. please help Attached is the log files
  9. E

    Question / Help Stream stopping unexpectedly

    I'm using OBS version 25.0.04 , while streaming on Facebook, the stream always stops at 30 minutes or 40-minute mark. I have tried changing my stream key every time but it doesn't work. Attached is the log file