strange behavour

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    Upload Speeds Reducing and Heavily Fluctuating After 5 Seconds - Only Computer With Issue on Network

    Hey guys, I have the strangest issue that I have no other solution for than pleading for internet help. I just moved into a new house and set up my streaming computer again only to find a very high amount of fluctuation and a downward trend in my upload speeds even though my internet upload...
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    Connected account feature not sending stream to twitch

    For a while, I wasn't having any problems with having my twitch account linked to OBS Studio, but recently, I haven't been able to go live with it. OBS says I'm streaming, and if I change the stream information, it goes through to my channel, but actually trying stream turns up blank. Twitch...
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    Question / Help Obs cutting away part of recorded area

    OBS is cutting part of recording area and you can see it on next videos: vid1,vid2,vid3. It would be nice to get some help on this. This trouble appears from previous update of OBS and nothing of it was earlear. Thanks for any help.