1. W

    Audio in VLC only using stereo mode left or right

    Hello, maybe someone can help me...? I produced a MP4 video using OBS. Playing the video in VLC I'm getting only sound using "stereo mode left" or "stereo mode right". Using "stereo mode stereo" or "stereo mode mono" I'm getting no sound. How can I alter this in OBS?
  2. S

    Question / Help How can I hear stereo game sounds while I streaming?

    I can hear game sounds while streaming with recording my voice. But the sounds I can hear are always mono sounds. If I set up another headset for monitoring, can I play games with hearing stereo sounds with it? Or, is it not good because of the delay of the game sounds? I need your help who has...
  3. smbhax

    Bug Report Sound still mono (until restart) after switch from mono profile & scene to stereo profile & scene

    In OBS Studio, I often switch between a profile and scene utilizing a Logitech C920 webcam in mono audio, and a profile and scene utilizing an Elgato HD60 in stereo audio. When I make the switch from the mono C920 profile and scene to the stereo Elgato profile and scene, the Elgato sound source...
  4. S

    Question / Help OBS doesn't detect 7.1

    I'm new at streaming so any help will be appreciated. I'm using a 7.1 headset and in my OBS app on audio 7.1 is selected. However when some sound is played that I can hear in 7.1, only two bars of sound are being triggered instead of 7. (cf picture) It makes the stream sound like it is coming...
  5. K

    Individual inputs to OBS from audio interface

    Hey! This is an awesome software which I have used for over 6 months but there is a small problem that I havent found solution for yet. The problem: I have my guitar in input 1 and mic in input 2 of my audio interface. OBS lets me choose stereo input (1-2) when both of those will get into same...