1. B

    Failed to get token from remote: SSL certificate problem : certificate has expired" OBS 27.1.3 Mac

    Hi! Since yesterday, where i had to force quit obs because my mac was crashing, i can not connect my obs to my twitch anymore and these is this message appearing: Failed to authenticate with Twitch: Failed to get token from remote: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired and this...
  2. G

    Twitch login falure:

    Hello everybody! Can't login to Twitch after Windows 11 clean install. Failed to get token from remote: schannel: AcquireCredentialsHandle failed: SEC_E_SECPKG_NOT_FOUND (0x80090305) I've tried to google this, but no results about OBS. The only think that the issue is related with SSL or some...
  3. evinrude

    Question / Help Unable to Live Stream to Facebook Live over rtmps://

    Hoping someone can point out that I am doing something wrong. I have not been able to connect to Facebook Live over rtmps using the latest off of master, version 23.0.1-151-g29a1a97-modified (linux), on Centos 7. I have verified that mbed-tls development libraries are installed and it is being...