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    used to run smooth streams, now I'm dropping frames when streaming/recording.

    This issue has come up recently. it hasn't happened at all until recently, been able to record/stream, even do both at times with no issues with frame dropping, until a week and a half ago, I've now started suffering from frame drops. I have a killer pc that can perform these task at once and...
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    How do i hide my own Display-capture during gameplay?

    Hey guys. Here is my question: While streaming certrain games with more hectic movement, I tend to get distracted by my own gameplay, shown simultaiously on my secon screen in OBS. I coulndt find any solution on how I might hide my own display-caputre / gameplay to myself, while the rest of my...
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    My voice on OBS is muffled and has static

    I use a headset mic when I stream and I've had complaints that my voice is muffled and there is a lot of static. I've tried lots of stuff I found online but noting world. If someone knows a solution it would be great. My log: I have a recording...
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    problems connecting to the server and during transmission in chaturbate

    Hola, uso OBS para transmitir en chaturbate y mucha gente entra en mi habitación y simplemente entra y sale, a veces de 4 a 5 veces seguidas. Mucha gente me dice que mi cámara se congela o que ven una imagen negra, mientras que otros dicen que la transmisión está funcionando bien.
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    Question / Help Having Troubles With OBS

    1. Vegas Isnt Working with OBS: If there is a way to fix this, please SHOW me how. 2. Whenever I record a Video and look at my Recordings, It Shows a Internet Explorer ICON Ontop of the Title | I Go to recordings and it just shows me the ICON, It also doesnt let me edit the video in Sony Vegas...