1. TecWiz

    SnapCamera - OBS plugin / Camera Filter ?

    With the recent news that the Desktop Camera filter app no longer supported at the end of the month of January 2023 has any one looked into the SnapAR / Dev kit to make a plugin that supports the filters from Snap? I am only an ideas man and not much in the dev execution of things. So I wanted...
  2. J

    snapcam cannot be configured

    Hi, has anyone been able to configure the video options when snapcam passes through OBS? the tab does not work, the button does not open the options, as it does with other cameras.
  3. H

    Question / Help Issues with snap cam

    I have everything working correctly when setting up my scenes. When i load in Snap cam things freeze for about 2 seconds and then the program crashes. Thats the last log from my attempt. It worked for a long time on several computers but im having...
  4. E

    Bug Report OBS crashes when running with snapcamera

    Greetings, Whenever I try to Preview or Record or Broadcast with OBS using Video Source > Snap Camera ( OBS crashes and spits out the attached crashlog. I tried several times with different settings, to no avail. Seems to work fine on my mac...