slow motion

  1. onsidekickproductions

    Replay works but No Slow play option.

    I recently bought a new laptop and had to transfer everything I had on my old one to the new one. Everything seems to be working fine but I have noticed, the replay Lua is there and working but the option to hotkey slow motion is completely gone. I've re-installed, I've deleted the replay...
  2. B

    Question / Help How to slow motion live in webcam? pls help

    Can i use my webcam for slow motion in Live streaming? i have 2 webcam one is webcam logitech brio and C920 logitech. My two webcam is use for Live streaming in our Church Worship
  3. Peterson

    Question / Help OBS studio giving fps drops in Resident Evil 4 UHD

    I fix the problem of the lag in game just activating the v-sync in games, but RE4 UHD already locks the fps at 60, is not variable and the game is droping fps giving me slow motion in some points, is this a way to fix this in OBS Studio? heres a video showing the issue...