silent audio

  1. S

    How to boost mic without noise??

    Hello. My external Sandberg semi-pro mic is too silent.. I literarly have to almost eat it to make my voice disctinct. My Windows 10 options of this mic are 100% volume, 48khz / 24 bit - then I put it to 192 Khz/ 24 bit. It seems to work fine in other aplications such as Skype. But when I talk...
  2. phaolo

    Bug Report OBS sometimes records silent audio

    Hi, OBS has some annoying bug with audio. It's the second time that it happened to me, sadly. Basically it records video+sound normally for a while and then randomly switches to video+silent audio. Please, fix this because it already ruined a lot of footage :( I've attached the log: - the...