screen size

  1. Lance_Lake

    OBS resizes itself when selecting a game source. Not the game source, but the OBS window.

    Description: When selecting a source, if not full screen, OBS will resize itself. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Launch OBS. 2. Make scene with game source. 3. Take OBS out of full screen mode. 4. Resize OBS window to something smaller than 1080px wide. 5. Click on the game source. Expected Result...
  2. T

    Newbie needs help. Screen size and file size. Legal Video w/ Date and Time

    Hi, I am new to OBS. I've done some tests and have a few questions. 1) I was able to figure out how to put the date and time on top of the video I recorded, which I need to do for video work. I did a test recording from Zoom (See image How come the test recording isn't full screen? It...