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    Full recording not saved, it was cut off when saved

    I just finished recording using OBS Studio for Windows. It was a 30-minute video. Of course, I clicked the "STOP RECORDING" on the side. It has been saving the recording for almost an hour so I thought the program had a glitch, I clicked again on the "STOP RECORDING" but now a "STOPPING...
  2. C

    MP4 and MOV files will not save after editing.

    I've been using my Macbook to record some online classes I'm teaching. After I finish recording I open the file in Quicktime to trim the start and finish, however it then refuses to save just saying 'The operation could not be completed'. I have tried with MP4 and Mov but get the same reaction...
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    New to OBS and need some help

    Hello, so my friends and I want to start making podcast to publish onto youtube. None of us are familiar to OBS so we don't know really anything about the software. I am able to put up the scene I want to go with my audio that has been prerecorded, but I do not know how to save my file or how to...
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    Question / Help Need help please concerning recording/saving files!

    So, two days ago I was recording something. The file format was set to flv. I closed OBS without hitting “Stop Recording.” Now, I cant seem to find the footage. If I close OBS without stopping the recording is the footage lost? Does is save automatically? Is the footage corrupted? Any feedback...