ryzen 3700x

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    Verpixelter Stream / Warzone / Twitch / OBS

    Hallo Community, Schonmal vorab Danke für alle Antworten und Bemühungen. Setup: -Single PC -Ryzen 7 3700x -RX 6800 XT -2x8gb ram ~3000mhz -WQHD -upload: 11mb OBS (streamlabs): -Medium oder fast (beides versucht) -Profil Main oder High (^^^^) -720p und 1080p (^^^^) -Bitrate 6000 -x264 -60fps...
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    Ryzen 3700x High CPU Usage and Crashes

    Past month or two I started to get crashes, also noticed that the CPU usage is really high up to 80% for OBS no matter which encoding setting. 1080p/720p 60fps fast/faster preset from 6000kbs, 10000kbs or 20000kbs Tried a fresh install of OBS too, without any plugins just recording. Some games...
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    Core i5 10600 or Ryzen 7 3700X??

    I am going to buy a new PC. For the graphic I am going to pick Nvidia Ampere later. For the processor, this one is the tricky one. I read so many article and forum it say that recording and streaming stuff will demand more CPU core They say the theory is that more core means better performance...
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    Question / Help OBS crashes during stream

    Hello, My OBS Studio will crash randomly while streaming; to which it is very frustrating. It simply closes with no messages or errors to my knowledge. It is my encoding PC for a two PC NDI set up. Build is a new Ryzen 3700X, I've included a DxDiag for the whole details there. I've tried messing...