1. Benedikt.Seidl

    Free obs-websocket-exporter 0.0.1

    Enables collection of metrics via Prometheus. This standalone tool connects to OBS via websockets and provides several metrics to judge the quality, e.g. missed frames, bandwidth used, total number of frames
  2. M

    Lichess Next Challenger 1.0.1

    A simple script that will get the next challenger from and display the challenger's username in the text resource selected. To install, download the latest release and unzip into a folder of your choosing. In OBS, create the Text Source you want to use to display the name and then...
  3. M

    Stuttering/chopping in video playback

    Hello, I've been using OBS for a while now and this is the first time I got this issue, I record like CSGO, Valorant, Rust and Death Stranding. The issue happens in Death Stranding and Rust only and not all the time, when I play the video I recorded it's stuttering/chopping, I uploaded a...
  4. MatanG

    Looking for Rust developer (freelance)

    Hi guys, Happy to see this community growing and expanding OBS to amazing lengths! We are a small company looking for an experienced Rust developer to help us with a plug-in we are working on right now. Of course it is a paid job. If anyone is interested in hearing more please mail me at...