resolution in game

  1. Bublik

    Dynamic Resolution for OBS while Gaming

    Hello everyone, I have an annoying problem that I just can't seem to solve. In my OBS settings I have set my base canvas to 2560x1440. As output I have 1920x1080. But now it is the case that if I don't want to play on 2560x1440 in the game but on 1920x1080 to get more FPS out of it, the OBS...
  2. R

    Question / Help OBS transmitting 2 separate feeds, with 2 separate resolutions

    So, I am new to using OBS, and trying to setup my stream I had encountered the issue people had with the small window on the stream mentioned here: I fixed this by setting my...
  3. V


    Hi guys, I don't know if there is a answer for this, because i didn't found yet, but I need help with the resolution of my game during a stream... Here is a screen shot of what I'm taking about . My PC resolution is in the video settings is 1080p, and for the stream is 1280x720p. I have a...