1. laund

    Bug: "Resize output (source size)" does not respect cropping done by alt+dragging edges of a source and resizing.

    Before "Resize output (source size)", the source is cropped by holding Alt and dragging the edges, and resized by dragging the edges without Alt After "Resize output (source size)" is pressed, it scales the cropped region up to the original source size, and keeps the same aspect ratio: This...
  2. V

    The screen is too Wide (Minecraft)

    Hello! Whenever I open OBS to record Minecraft, the footage is too big for the window, so I have to scale it and morph it until it looks like in the attached image. However, the rectangle in the attached image looks very bad. Is there any way I can fix this? (Image attached shows you what I mean)
  3. C

    Auto-Resize Window Capture

    I am trying to resize the window capture to the actual size of the window automatically. Is there anything that will help with that?
  4. I

    Can't resize fullscreen game

    I used to be able to open osu! (1080p resolution letterboxed on a 1440p monitor), minimize it, then resize a frozen frame in obs. I am now unable to do this as minimizing osu! essentially hides the source in obs. I've tried the freeze frame plugin to no avail. I have also tried pressing ctrl+f...
  5. Q

    Window capture has red and blue swapped by default after resize output to source

    I'm using the flatpak version of OBS Studio, version 27.0.1. Steps to reproduce: Add source: Window capture (Xcompsite) Select any window select the source, open the right click menu and select: Resize output (source size) Now the source has its red and blue swapped for me and from this point...
  6. L

    NDI Video source won't stop resizing while live

    I use Skype and the NDI plugin to bring videos into OBS. When we are live, I notice that Skype videos have a tendency to resize mid-stream. For example, we'll be in the stream and without warning, a video at 600x400 is suddenly reduced to 300x200. And then sometimes it enlarges back to 600x400...
  7. A

    Question / Help Resize canvas VIEW (not “resize canvas”)

    I’ve done a dozen searches on the forum and haven’t found the answer, so forgive me if I missed this... Is there a way to resize how large the canvas appears in the window? It always appears as large as it can in the program window. When I add larger-resolution sources like an image, their...
  8. bromagosa

    OBS Lua Transformer 1.0

    Fill in the origin and destination positions, dimensions and rotations for a source or group of sources, select an easing function among the 22 available ones and click on "Do it!" to trigger the animation. You can also trigger the animation via a hotkey. Thanks to Mun Films for sponsoring the...
  9. jueGAME

    Bug Report solved !

    ------------------ SOLVED ! ----------------- Log file -> Hi guys. I updated to the lastest version of OBS, and I am having issues executing the next tasks: - When I copy a source (copy-> copy (duplicated) and I try to pasted in a different...