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    Reset PC due to Repeated BSOD, Need to recover OBS settings, setup and files

    I had to reset a PC, due to a repeated issue with Blue Screens of Death, However, I need to recover those OBS settings and files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. L

    OBS Did Not Record Mic Audio

    I had an issue a couple days ago where I had recorded a long video in three parts while talking to friends on Discord. I have it setup to record on two tracks, one for game and discord audio and the other for my mic. The first video recorded everything correctly as did the third. However...
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    File not saved

    Hello. I was recording a 1:20 minutes file, but when I wanted to stop it, it only saved 20 minutes of all! I have enough space on my laptop... Is there any way to recover what is not saved?