recording video

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    Only record audio from single browser window being recorded, not all (mixed) audio going to speakers.

    When recording video from a single window (e.g. a Firefox browser window), currently the audio that is recorded with it is all audio being played on the computer. While I may be listening to a different audio source, I want the video recording to only include the audio from the source video...
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    Terrible quality when recording in 1920x1080 while playing in 3840x2160

    Hi, I play league of legends with a 3840x2160 resolution (borderless) however, I'd like to record video in 1920x1080. So far I've tried to do so by setting the Base Canvas Resolution to 3840x2160 and the Output Scaled Resolution to 1920x1080, the problem is that the quality is terrible, to the...
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    Issues with recording in OBS Studio

    Hello, so currently I have an issue with OBS Studio. It's is with the recording. So what happened is that I just got OBS Studio about an hour and a half ago and I was trying to make a video using it but i wasn't able to because when I click "start recording" on the bottom right corner in OBS...
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    what is best video quality?

    Hi, Which OBS recording settings will give me high 4K resolution? I am using OBS to record video from an IPhone. The iPhone is set to 4K at 30fps. OBS does not have this option. I've tried many OBS options but OBS always degrades to a much lower resolution. Grateful for any help as I have to...
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    Weird Video Glitches in Recording

    Hey so as the title says I've been getting video glitching. To fix the problem I have tried to switch HDMI cords, consoles, and updated everything I use. So far nothing has worked. My recording was of the Horizon Zero Dawn intro. In the intro the glitching only appeared when there were bright...
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    Question / Help Game and OBS says playing/recording 60fps but game and output video lags.

    Im fairly new to using obs and I have tried looking up the solution for my problem but cant seem to find one. Both my game, which is Apex Legends, and obs says im recording 60fps and playing with those frames but seem to be choppy. Game never seems to go below 60fps I've seen it go up a couple...