1. V

    Question / Help Need help with Avermedia and OBS

    Hello everybody. Here is my problem: I´m triying to set up my Avermedia capture device for streaming with OBS. I tried everything I found on the Internet but I still can´t make it work. Allways I add a Video Capture Devide into my scene, go to device selection, select LGP Stream Engine and try...
  2. A

    Question / Help SIGNAL OUT OF RANGE

    Hello. I'm using an Avermedia Extremecap U3 and a Sony FDR AX40 camcorder to do my live streamings. I've been using Avermedia's RECentral software to do my streamings on Youtube and it has worked well. Recently I'm trying to use OBS Studio to get more tools for my live streamings, but everytime...
  3. SugarTSenpai

    Question / Help AverMedia LGX (GC550) FPS problem.

    I guess I'll try my best to spell out what I know., my problem is as follows: I have OBS Studio set to output 60fps, my capture card (LGX) I usually set to match or highest FPS with the resolution to match what the console is outputting. Though, for some reason, It will not capture my PS2 via...