rainbow six siege

  1. W

    Recording lag when moving mouse

    I was trying to record Rainbow Six Siege. It's the only thing I've recorded yet that needs a good PC to play on, not like Minecraft or CS:GO. Problem is, it's also the only game where I've noticed this problem. For some reason I can record normally If I don't move, but as soon as I use my...
  2. R

    I Can't Capture Vulkan Games / I Can No Longer Hook Vulkan Games (I could but now I can't)

    I usually use OBS for Rainbow Six Siege Vulkan API. But recently, after I installed R6Analyst I can't use game capture and even window capture to capture Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. I instantly uninstall R6Analyst to see if it was the problem. Turns out the problem persisted. My OBS still can't...
  3. U

    OBS in-game frame Dropping over 100 fps

    When I play Rainbow Six Siege without obs open, i get 250-260+ fps and asoon as I open up obs I drop over 100 fps in game and its really annoying because I'd like to stay over 165 fps for my monitor. Also when I stream, I drop even more fps with a 2070 and i7 8700k. All help is amazing and thank...
  4. T

    Question / Help Recording lags when i play rainbow six siege

    I am getting lags shutters when looking back at my recording but its probably because of my specs :/
  5. I

    Question / Help My r6s gamecapture cant fit in OBS, but every other game does fit.

    It is just like the title says. My r6s cant fit in obs and i have a constand black box on the right on my screen because of it. Every other game is just fine. R6s was oke but then after the latest OBS update it just wouldnt fit. Pls help. Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/r2M94EtJinrem46W
  6. R

    Question / Help Rainbow Six Siege PUBG crash bsod when streaming (randomized)

    When i'm streaming the pc crash with blue screen FILE DUMP crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\112719-13859-01.dmp This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x1C14E0) Bugcheck code: 0x139 (0x3, 0xFFFFB08BAEDCEB40, 0xFFFFB08BAEDCEA98, 0x0) Error...
  7. Diederik

    Question / Help Rainbow Six: Ingame high FPS, OBS <60

    Hi all, I have been trying to fix this random problem for many hours now, with no solution so far. So I have been streaming Rainbow Six using NVENC lately on 6000 bitrate with no issues at all, couple days ago, when I launched OBS it suddenly started to have low FPS within OBS studio only, not...