quality dropouts

  1. B

    Question / Help OBS recordings lose quality

    Hello guys, I use OBS to record myself while playing videogames (so I have 1 scene with IN GAME window and Webcam) After I finish recording the videos, in some parts of them is starting to get blurry for a few seconds (webcam + in-game - both are getting blurry for a few seconds) I attached...
  2. T

    Question / Help OBS Quality Issue

    In OBS I'm running as high quality I can get and it looks great in OBS, but whenever it gets rendered to file it looks bad. For example, when I look back at the video it looks grainy and some spots like the middle of the screen are blurry. I've tried .mp4/.flv, simple/advanced output methods...
  3. BOON

    Question / Help Obs drops in quality while recording (Makes me pull my hair out!)

    Hello, I noticed while recording Obs brings down the image quality when recording fast-paced gameplay. I'm trying to figure out the cause for it is. I tried doing everything from recording in Lossless to ensure that the quality stays consistent but nothing seems to work. I have also attached an...
  4. M

    Question / Help OBS bitrate/quality fluctuations while streaming

    Hi there! So, the past few months I streamed on twitch (and youtube) using OBS studio. The quality of the screen fluctuated so enormously, while OBS neither twitch were not showing any bitrate fluctuations. Can someone tell me what could be occuring? I added a link at the bottom of this...