1. EposVox

    Capture Retro Game Consoles for under $200

    I get asked a lot about how to record older video game systems that only have RCA, Composite, S-Video, or Component video out and stream them to Twitch - especially for those without CRTs. While the analog capture world is actually pretty vast - I'll have a much bigger video coming soon breaking...
  2. J

    Bug Report Elgato HD. Can't select Expanded HDMI Color Range When Input is Component.

    I have a PS2 connected to an Elgato HD using the PS2/PS3 cable that came with it. If I play games without OBS open, everything looks normal. The moment I open OBS, my TV screen darkens quite a bit. Everything just looks wrong. The same thing happens with the Elgato Game Capture HD software. The...
  3. C

    Question / Help OBS Not Working With ElGato Game capture for PS2.

    Hello all, I am currently having an issue with the ElGato capture card and my PS2. When I open the El Gato Software I can see the screen of the playstation 2 where it says browser and whatnot. But when I open the El Gato source in OBS it simply says No signal... Any fixes or thoughts? Thanks.
  4. H

    Question / Help It's possible to have video component signal with the ExtremeCap U3?

    Hello, Recently I started to stream some games on YouTube, but I'm having a problem with my configs. When I select this capture device with my PS4 it works well, but when I try to set the signal to YRYBY all I get is the PS2 audio... Is there a way to recieve the PS2 image directly from my...