1. N

    OBS 30.1.2 Video Encoder Settings for Recording on a MacBook Pro Silicon M1

    Hi, I recently upgraded from OBS 28 to 30.1.2 and now see all kinds of other video encoders and codec options for recording. Since this version is so new, the options I see don't match any of the discussions/tutorials online I've come across. I previously recorded with Apple H264 Hardware...
  2. K

    Setup up ProRes 422

    Hi is it possible to record in Apple ProRes 422 10 Bit depth. If so can someone please link or lost out the correct settings/order as needed? Idk if OBS can do this properly natively or if it needs a 3rd party plugin like StreamFX
  3. L

    Bug Report Prores encoding does not work properly (Artefacts / Glitching in Video)

    Hi there, i always recorded with the prores encoder which totally work fine.. but for the last week this codec is not working anymore. (all the other codes work fine, but unfortunately i need the prores codec (converting it after recording is not a solution). Can you guys confirm that its not...
  4. Xaymar

    FFmpeg Encoders for OBS Studio

    Xaymar submitted a new resource: FFmpeg Encoders for OBS Studio - Get all the power of FFmpeg without using a custom output! Read more about this resource...
  5. Xaymar

    FFmpeg Encoders for OBS Studio 0.4.0

    FFmpeg Encoders has been merged into StreamFX! All the encoders are now available by simply installing the latest version of StreamFX and removing the currently installed FFmpeg Encoders plugin. Ever wanted the power of the FFmpeg encoders, but without the bothersome UI of the Custom recording...
  6. StreamPanel

    Question / Help Recording for Final Cut Pro X import / editing?

    This is not about streaming, but about recording. This means filesize doesnt matter. The problem is that OBS records files that are not FCPX friendly for editing. It either makes an flv that I have to remux (and is very laggy in FCPX due to compression), or makes large AVI files that wont even...