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    Game Lagging While Recording

    i plz need hlp with this, when i dint record games, i usally get 150-200fps but when i record, it bumps it down to 30-60 frames. but the recording is worse, its fine untill i open the game, in the recording it like switces to one frame then waits 5 seconds then switches to the next, and it keeps...
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    Question / Help Best Settings for Low-end PC.

    I have a PC with very low specs. It has a 2.00GHz Intel i3-5005u processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500, 4Gb RAM and 64-bit system. I want to record and not stream my game. So, I request anyone to tell me the settings that can give me a lag-free gaming and recording experience. Note: The...
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    Question / Help 1080p/30 on a potato

    i'm pretty new to OBS. please don't bully me lmao i want to just record roblox @ 1080p/30, or at least 720p/30 my laptop is the literal definition of a potato. > hp envy 2019 > intel core i7-8th gen > *sigh* intel uhd 620 yeah i know my setup sucks. but since i'm playing just roblox, is there...