1. M

    VLC Videosource - Play video files - Add a directory and let it play all videos in its subfolders

    Problem: Currently an empty folder with subdiretories in it won't play anything. You need to add every subfolder with videos step-by-step to the playlist to have them played. Possible solution: An option to include subdirectories would be great!
  2. S

    OBS Lua Sound notification on replay buffer save [Windows] 1.0

    A simple Lua script which plays a .wav sound whenever replay buffer is saved. Credits: upgradeQ, Gima
  3. JustStephh

    Question / Help Audio Ducking while Recording

    Hey everyone! So I have been searching EVERYWHERE for an answer and I haven't found one. I figure why not go to the source right? So here goes, I have been using OBS to record gameplay, as we all know the standard software that comes with the elgato capture card is okay, but it OBS has great...
  4. SimilarSquid

    Question / Help Issues with Browser Source(s)

    Heya! I am having some struggles in OBS lately. I added a Media Source to some Scenes, that I want to play every time a Scene gets loaded / the Media Source gets visible. When I switch to the Scene where one of the Media Sources is, it just plays fine. But after playing it a few times, when...