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    Question / Help Black Screen on Game Capture, Origin Games.

    I try to stream or record, Titanfall 2, Battlefront II, but i can´t do it properly on Game Capture Mode, rare sometimes i can get the game displayed, all the time the OBS can´t detect it, i need to restart both a lot of times to work, the game and obs studio, i dont have problems with Apex...
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    Question / Help Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heavy stream lag (HELP)

    My stream lags a lot when I stream battlefront 2 only. I don't have any issues streaming Battlefield 5 at all. Anyone have any solutions?
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    Question / Help Steam/Origin let the Bitrate dance

    Hey Guys, I have an urgent question :) If I try to use OBS to stream while Steam or Origin is on, the bitrate goes down like Boromir riding the waterfall. If they are off, it stays at 6000 kb/s. And while they are on, its fluctuates between 6000 and 400, going up and down quickly. With Uplay...