1. O

    Future OBS - Live Streaming AV1 encoded video with Opus encoded audio

    When will we be able to use these modern, Free codecs together to livestream video using OBS (Open Broadcast Studio)? What work needs to be accomplished for it to happen? What are the main obstacles at the moment? Hardware for media streaming using AV1 is already available and hopefully we...
  2. Domenicoakatdg

    Question / Help Even going back trought past editions of OBS doesn't help when you are dealing with no possible encoding (or similar result) with the VP9/opus! -HELP-

    Utilized version of the software for the sake of writing this post and report the problem: Mainly OBS 25.0.8 (installed from the .exe file) but also the others mentioned in the text...
  3. Domenicoakatdg

    Question / Help Libvpx-1.dll problem while recording with the latest OBS 25.0.8. There is a fix to this day? ↓

    Hello to all. My title says it all, I just need a permanent fix to my problem (not only mine) and that is be able to record in VP9 codec and OPUS. Here in the post I will link all the logs and setting I currently have active, so that you more-expert-that-me guys wouldn't miss a thing! I need...