1. R

    Question / Help Is there seriously no way OBS can eventually use both GPUs at the same time on Optimus systems?

    The current solution seems completely insane to me. If you run OBS on the Nvidia GPU, you can stream the game, but you can't stream the desktop or any desktop apps. If you run OBS on the Intel GPU, you can stream dekstop apps, but not games. Changing the GPU used by OBS requires completely...
  2. SenpaiYank

    Bug Report Quicksync unavailable

    Greetings, so, I've been having this issue which disables me from using intel's quicksync (it doesn't appear on the encoder dropdown list) on my laptop whenever I use my dedicated GPU to open OBS. It happens that when I do that, OBS doesn't recognize the intel iGPU but the dedicated nvidia one...
  3. R

    Bug Report Impossible to record the desktop on laptop with Optimus (Intel+Nvidia GPU), can't force OBS to use Intel GPU

    I have a MSI GE65 Raider 9SF. It has an RTX 2070 and an integrated Intel GPU, and Optimus can't be disabled. I tried to record my desktop with OBS and got a black screen. I read online that it's because OBS has to be running on the Intel GPU in order to be able to record the desktop. Okay, fair...